Scruffy minded : I prefer to refer to it as being a creative trait, but undeniably I have a tendency to clutter my desk, my office, my plans.... some aspects of my life.

I've enjoyed Leo Babauta's blog 'Zen Habits' and recently bought Em a copy of his book 'the power of less' - I guess it might have been one of those presents you buy for someone so you can borrow it back again, as it was my choice of reading matter for our recent Barcelona trip.

I could certainly benefit for a lot of simplification - and part of that is deciding where to start. My initial thoughts are to concentrate on:

  1. time/focus

  2. money

  3. space

Relating to #2, I have been reducing my book purchases for the last year by using the library wherever possible and using the 'wishlist' button instead of '1-click' on Amazon! My next goal is to reduce the 'pet IT projects' that I have on my to-do lists, and also to reduce my domain names.

Current goals

#1: reduce my registered domains - by 3 this month

//update: 7 domains set to not renew.

#2 rationalise my pension

// update: some frustrations as advisors seem to be focused on pushing a full review costing at least £750!

#3 declutter.... organise/scan/shred some 50 items of paperwork, and books to the attic