As you may have gathered from many of the recent 'test' posts, after many years of relatively happy self-hosted Wordpress blogging, I've recently completed my migration over to github-pages hosted Jekyll. I'd been meaning to make the move to a static site generator for some time, as utilising a database-based site when so little of the overall content changes, seemed inefficient and overly complex. The frequent platform, theme and plugin updates had been a growing annoyance for some time, however the move finally rocketed up my to-do list last month, when thanks to a Wordpress plugin vulnerability, I lost admin access to my install. I could have dug out an archive, and re-built and patched my instance - but that was investing further dead effort in a setup I had almost no interest in persisting with.

My feelings toward Wordpress are predominantly positive; it's a platform that has done so much to empower the large scale adoption of this particular type of self expression, and has such a strong community. Another benefit of this strong ecosystem, is the breadth of the available content authoring tools, especially for phone and tablet use on-the-go, and so establishing a useable, sustainable and ideally enjoyable mobile workflow is high on my list of tasks, and is hence where I will commence.

I'd not even heard of #NaBloPoMo (that's National Blog Post Month) before yesterday, but it seemed a timely nudge to get things moving. My hastily thrown together plan for the first week of the month (or however long I last) will be:

  1. Jekyll - a bit more about Jekyll

  2. Github pages - and the publishing process

  3. Mobile Workflow 1: Using Workflow app and 1Writer to automate the markdown skeleton

  4. Mobile Workflow 2: Using 1Writer and Git2Go to push to git

  5. Mobile Workflow 3: Image treatments using Workflow App

  6. Mobile Workflow 4: Using 1Writer Actions to implement Responsive Images

7+ tbd

Updating this post in Git2Go