The last 15 years has had a heavy (and wonderful) focus on our kids/family. Parenting is a wonderful privilege, and out kids are still wonderful, but as they grow, they inevitably become increasingly independent… and so the shape of the time we have each week naturally changes.

Hence, I've been wondering about new hobbies for a while, and then this morning came across this twitter thread by Jamie Smart

Starting a long-list here:
Retro gaming
Drawing / painting
Photography / Astrophotography Spitfire Orchestra for own composition sounds incredible!
Board gaming / inc virtual online
Read all Pratchett

Faffing with Raspberry pi… electronics

Making comics
Creating a magazine.
Writing books (on subject I research (below))

Dog walking

Researching and writing about:
The history of human communication
History of Type
History of Photography

Travel and watch for motorsports events (F1, MotoGP, BTC)