How we spend our time, energy and attention are perhaps the most fundamental of our choices. *

Family-first has been our guiding principal since we had our first child 15 years ago - but as our kids get older, we start to have some choices re-emerge once more.

This is the first Sunday morning in a decade, where during sports seasons I’m not taxiing and supporting on the sideline of a football, hockey or rugby pitch.

Eldest is now self contained and rowing has no viable sideline! Yougest plays hockey in the team where her Mum is coach, so they travel together.

So, I’m using it partially for some open study time (somewhat like Riz‘s recent article).

Following my curiosity into whatever intrigues me… without worrying too much about outcomes.

Let’s see where we end up.

  • I’m very much aware, that having any ‘spare’ time and energy is a privilege not everyone has.