"Who cares?"

Emma and I were chatting last night about the values that we hoped we were encouraging in our children: compassion, self-discipline, inquisitiveness, and enthusiasm were high on the list, irregardless of the role or industries that their future holds for them.

There are some who seemingly care mostly about themselves - and those who openly care greatly about others too. I briefly pondered if we might be disadvantaging our kids over people thinking mostly of themselves - but then, looking back, just about all of the greatest leaders and collaborators I have ever worked with, share this fantastic caring trait.

Graham Morrison, Pamela Sogge, Ijaz Bhattee, James Brooke, David Sykes, Neil Mistry, Robert Moseley IV, Ran Rubinstein, Kevin Van Gundy, Luke Miller, Matthew Sweeney

This is not an exhaustive list - but thank you so much to you all both for the caring environments you fostered where we worked together and also for being brilliant role models.

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