I was amused to discover in my 40's that I had a hobby, which I had been enjoying for many many years, almost without realising it.

Story Collecting

  1. Either through living my own life - 'encourage opportunity' e.g. the time we cycled Silverstone race circuit on a race weekend < link to Storyus?

  2. Through talking to others, and

  3. Or Reading : e.g. why was Tom Hanks selected to be the astronaut in Apollo 11

Of course over time, some stories paths become lost or forgotten, some become well worn paths; some we take on our own, some we share with strangers, some we invite our closest friends and family to join us on.

The re-walking of these paths tramples down the weeds, and makes the paths more established, and more likely for us to walk down again.

This curation and re-telling has a strong determination on how we feel about our past, present and future, and moreso, how our friends and colleagues get to know us better.

The stories we tell about our life, do indeed become the story of our life.

The historical presedence of sitting around teh camp-fire drawing closer, for both warmth and kinship - and also forming the foundations of our cultural and societal identities, and from which we form so much of our own narrative and personal identity.